Parent Council Information

Office Bearers

Chair – Darren Munro

Vice Chair - Shelly Munro

Treasurer – Lindsay Richardson

Secretary – Morven Taylor

What is a parent council meeting?


It is a very informal meeting where parents / guardians come along and talk about what’s going on in the school. Fundraising is also discussed.

An agenda is followed, and parents can put forward suggestions or ask questions out with the agenda as it is a public meeting.

The head teacher presents the head teachers report and the treasurer discusses the finances and tells us where and how we have agreed the money should be spent. The parent council secretary takes notes during the meeting and the minutes from each meeting are discussed along with any outstanding issues.

(Please note that the meetings are not to discuss any individual concerns you have with your own child as such concerns should be made directly with the child’s teacher).

Date of next meeting 
Alness Academy on Wednesday 27 February 2019 at 7.15 pm 
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Who can come to the meetings?

Any parent or guardian with a pupil at Alness Academy are welcome to attend a parent council meeting. You don’t need to come to every meeting and you can suggest items to be included on the agenda via the Parent Council email address, AAPC face book page or School website.